New Creation – Dance
“and STILL we MOVE”

And still we move. Fragility as power, as a poetic place, is the starting point to a performance that arises from the desire to move the private field to the public sphere. The choreographers and performers Joana Castro and Maurícia | Neves question and reconfigure the relationships between them, using as a base photographs from the personal archive of a romantic relationship that ended.

The image as a place of projection and construction. The relation between the photographed bodies is reinhabited or perhaps not, but in this mutating experience between past and present the perception of these very images transforms and gains new outlines in the bodies of the two artists. (De)(re)constructing themselves in new forms of existence, between the ephemerality of the word and the prolonged suspension of the gesture, the performance evokes a space of profound intimacy and ephemerality that corresponds to the pace of the outside world.

The social isolation to which they were subjected, redefined speech, sight, touch and emotions. The artists proposed themselves to rethink human relations.

As Judith Butler says: “the ‘I’ has no history of its own that is not also a history of a relation – or set of relations – with a set of norms”. An autobiographical and political piece, as described by Joana and Maurícia, between dance and performance. This is the new creation by the two artists who have continually collaborated since 2018.

Concept, direcction, texts, set design and performance: Joana Castro and Maurícia | Neves
Sound landscape and voice: Daina Dieva, Joana Castro e Maurícia | Neves
Light design: Vera Martins
Costumes: Carlota Lagido
Assitance and artistic advising: Pietro Romani
Artistic residencies: Nida Art Colony, Mala Voadora, c.e.m, Teatro da Voz, Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, TRUST collective, TEMPO, Pro.dança, CAMPUS, GrETUA, Centro de experimentação artística do Vale da Amoreira (Moita), Devir Capa
Creation support: Self-Mistake e CTB – Companhia de Teatro de Braga and Nome Próprio
Co-production residency: O Espaço do Tempo
Co-Production: BoCA, Teatro das Figuras and Festival Contradança (ASTA)
Support: IPortunus, Fundação GDA, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Direção Geral das Artes and Teatro da Garagem

“and STILL we MOVE” is a commissioned project by  BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts 2021

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