The inaugural BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts will take place between 17 March and 30 April 2017, in Lisbon and Oporto, with extensions of its activities to other cities in the country throughout the year. BoCA articulates a collaboration between Portuguese and international institutions (museums, galleries, theatres) and artists, including actions in public space, promoting a transversal programme that creates synergy between institutions, artistic fields, and their respective audiences.

Under the artistic direction of John Romão, BoCA hopes to make a meaningful contribution to reflections on our contemporary sociocultural environment, and has the explicit vocation of supporting the processes of artistic growth in the present and future. Our mission is to promote contemporary artistic creation through programming, touring, and artistic education.

In this first biennial, BoCA partners with over 30 cultural institutions in Portugal and over 40 Portuguese and international artists, most premiering new work.