BoCA Sub21

BoCA Sub21 is above all a space of possibilities for “things” to happen. Who will decide what things are going to happen is a group of young people, aged between 16 and 21 years old, who will use but not abuse a privileged space within the transversal, challenging, innovative arts biennial, willing to live in the its time and that includes visual arts, performing arts, performance and music.

BoCA Sub21 is a critical and authoritative platform, where the voice of a generation can transform the world or not, but it will get you going. Its main format is the continuous sharing of a meeting, learning and crossing space, which will result in public presentations, such as discussion forums or performances, during the biennial. The group meets every Saturday morning in February, March and April, talks, laughs, debates, decides, writes, builds images, publishes and involves the body and mind in creative and learning processes.

BoCA Sub21 is an artistic laboratory where “things” happen; where one lives the construction of a biennial, where one experiences the making of installations, shows, concerts and where one rehearses what it is to be a spectator. Through meetings with artists, access to rehearsals and artists’ studios, visits to cultural spaces, organization of debates and parties, BoCA Sub21 provides this group of young people with tools to develop their own creative visions of the biennial.

Coordination: Sara Franqueira
Coordination assistance: Lucía Vives
Instagram: @bocasub21 #bocasub21

So young and already with history
2020 – online (1st phase)
2019 – Lisbon (Carpentry of São Lázaro), Porto (National Museum Soares dos Reis), Braga (Arte Total)
2017 – Lisbon (Centro Nacional de Cultura)