The documentary about the play that Capicua created for BoCA is online

7 December 2022

At the 2021 BoCA Biennial, rapper Capicua debuted in writing for theater with “A Tralha”, a project commissioned by BoCA that premiered in the garden of Palácio Pimenta/Museu de Lisboa.

With text by Capicua and body and voice by Tiago Barbosa, “A Tralha” is an almost monologue about accumulation. An essay on waste and obsolescence in the form of a personal narrative and a reflection on the objects that surround us, that serve as an extension of us, that contain our memories and that serve as an interface with the world. Written in a peculiar moment of our collective life, it starts from the story of a man who is alone, in the long months of confinement, surrounded by inert matter, rubble and memories.

This is the last in a series of 10 documentaries on 10 projects that were part of the 3rd edition of the BoCA Biennial, to watch here, on our IGTV or Facebook, and on BoCA’s YouTube channel.