Conversations with different guests about Body, Science, Thought, Community, Sustainability, Imagination, in relation to Covid-19, moderated by Cláudia Galhós, Vítor Belanciano and the Generator team. The conversations are live on the YouTube channel of BoCA Bienal.
Every Wednesday and Friday until at least the 30th of June.


12 JUN: Miguel Duarte (activist), 7pm
Moderator: Vítor Belanciano

I first got involved in the so-called refugee crisis in 2016 when I joined the crew of the humanitarian vessel Iuventa in the Central Mediterranean. Since then, I have participated in several rescue and support missions to the communities in the refugee camps of Greece and Turkey. In 2018 I was accused in Italy on suspicion of aid to illegal immigration for helping to save lives. Today I belong to the HuBB – Humans Before Borders and Iuventa10 collectives with whom I develop awareness, lobbying and support for organizations working on the front line.

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