In 2019, BoCA established a partnership with Forum Dança, which is the entity who develops the project PACAP – Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts, dedicated to professionals and students of artistic areas that aim to invest in an advanced experimentation period, alongside with theoretical investigation and exercises of body and movement practices.
The participants have the opportunity to develop a project, working on a potential space of condensation of content that promotes the format of investigation, creation and public presentation.
The program includes an individual follow-through during all the course, by the program curators, that in this edition are the choreographers Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz. It includes also research and creation “laboratories”, theoretical seminars, residences and presentations.
With the objective of challenging young artists to think about space and their own creations on different contexts, promoting their work at different regions of the country, BoCA will present 3 dance solos from PACAP II in Porto.

Concept and interpretation: Patrícia Árabe
“…feel free to move around along the space, here everything is treated like matter, shamelessly masked.”
“A body that hides also stands”
Concept and interpretation: Marta Ramos
“Through words, drawings, actions and silences, the play takes the shape of little chapters that melt together and become a book.”
Concept and interpretation: Renann Fontoura | Music: Ryoji Ikeda, “Space”
“A fiction (non) narrative either just makes you think of what happened during the day, which clothes to wash, either it gives you the will to check the feed of some social media network.”

Curators: Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz
Technical direction: Zeca Iglésias
Production: Fórum Dança

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