BoCA Summer School
Workshop with Tadashi Kawamata & Os Espacialistas

Over the past three decades, Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata has created site-specific facilities focusing on opposing concepts of construction and destruction, often using recycled material to transform the galleries it occupies and forcing the visitor to reinterpret space.
Soon, Kawamata will create a large-scale sculptural intervention at the MAAT Museum, in Lisbon. From plastic debris collected on the Portuguese coast by various voluntary associations, the artist proposes to recreate the effect of a wave of the sea suspended on the visitors of the museum. The immersive experience evokes the ecological disturbances caused by the pollution of the oceans, but also the long tradition of Japanese maritime illustrations, crossing very different artistic and poetic references.
In this workshop, Tadashi Kawamata will share its vast experience in site-specific facilities, together with the architectural collective Os Espacialistas. A practical work is proposed around the points of contact between art and architecture, including notions of artistic composition, treatment of concepts and materials, as well as relations with the exhibition space. The workshop, with a theoretical and practical dimension, will have a practical consequence in the construction of the Kawamata installation at the MAAT Museum.
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WHO IS IT FOR: students and professionals in the arts, architecture and design.
Those interested should send an email to, until August 23, with the following documentation: name, date of birth, telephone contact and a short biography.

Coproduction: BoCA, MAAT, Fundação Minerva, Universidade Lusíada
Partnership: Fundação GDA
Supports: Lisbon City Hall, Millennium BCP Foundation, Brigada do Mar / Almada City Hall

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