BoCA Summer School 2018


In the workshop, the Italian musician Marino Formenti proposes to work with a restricted group of participants around what he calls “systemic music performance”, presenting his previous works and the concept of putting music in a different system of relationship with the public and the space. After that, it will be proposed to each participant to create and perform their own musical performance, alone or in groups, according to their own idea of ??music and musical relation, and with the supervision (and also, for those who want, with the participation) of Marino Formenti. Brief musical performances will be presented on the last day of the workshop, in public and private spaces in the city center of Lisbon.
His unique combination of emotion and intelligence characterize him as one of the most interesting musicians of our time, constantly looking to redefine the musical experience. Praised by the Los Angeles Times as the “Glenn Gould of 21st century”, his taste for experimenting with new and unexpected combinations led to the development of unique projects and alternative formats of concerts, but also to collaborations with some of the greatest contemporary composers (Helmut Lachenmann, Gyorgy Kurtag, Salvatore Sciarrino) and theatre directors (Rodrigo García, Tim Etchells or Kris Verdonck).
Presented in the 1st edition of BoCA, in a unique collaboration with Ricardo Jacinto, in “Nowhere” Formenti played, slept and ate for several weeks, continuously, in a temporary house open to the public, wishing to “disappear” through music. “One to One” is a project that was originally produced for Art Basel and then presented at Berlin Art Week, providing a 2 to 10 hour musical encounter with one spectator at a time. In one of his later projects, the film “Schubert und Ich”, Marino Formenti rehearsed and accompanied Franz Schubert’s compositions with non-musicians, guiding them and inspiring them through their own interpretations.


Biography of the artist


WHO IS IT FOR: +16, students and music professionals, and those who have some musical experience (amateur).
Those interested should send an email to, until September 10, with the following documentation: name, date of birth, telephone contact and biographical note.

Production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts (Lisbon & Porto)
Partnership: GDA Foundation
Supports: São Carlos National Theatre, Estúdios Vitor Córdon, Lisbon City Hall, Millennium BCP Foundation

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