Commissioned by BoCA, the Portuguese dancer and choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas develops her first artistic installation, “Cattivo – Installation for Music Shelves and Other Materials”, which will debut worldwide at the São Bento da Vitória Monastery / São João National Theater ( Porto), in the context of the biennial BoCA 2019.
Music stands are pedestal objects, made up of different parts with varying dimensions and shapes, linked together through ball joints, such as puppets, which, in turn, are made in the likeness of animals or humans. The music stands are foldable bodies for the purpose of supporting the musicians’ scores, who play or sing.
Its form and function are practically inseparable; the shelves immediately evoke music, whether visually referring to the sound or to the figure of the musician who plays. However, when intentionally manipulated, there is a whole set of zoo – or anthropomorphic qualities that can be extracted from them.
In Cattivo, shelves will be pushed to the limit of their expressive properties, the ability to embody emotional states and even make decisions, manipulating themselves, other objects, to represent and develop other states, constituting a symphonic community as a team, with different instruments, rhythms, melodic lines and so on.
As a stage, garden or dollhouse, the installation will be located between the vegetable, the animal and the world of fantasy.


Team: Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Yannick Fouassier, Tiago Cerqueira, Miguel Figueira, André Calado, Andreas Mark
Commission: BoCA
Co-production: São João National Theater (Porto), São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisbon)




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