National premiere
“IWOW: I Walk On Water”

“IWOW” brings to Portugal the memorable photographer and filmmaker from New York, Khalik Allah, already described as a director of “street opera” and praised for a disarming view that unveils, with delicate mastery, a viscerally beautiful humanity. Khalik Allah is the author of the celebrated documentary “Field Niggas” (2015) and the award-winning “Black Mother” (2018), shown in festivals all around the world.

In “IWOW”, Allah’s main character is Frenchie, his long-standing muse, a schizophrenic Haitian, a homeless 60 year old, with whom he gradually becomes more involved. In parallel, Allah turns the camera in his own direction to document a turbulent romantic relationship and to deal with personal notions of spirituality and mortality – these are the questions about which he collects advice from charismatic confidants, including Fab 5 Freddy, members of Wu-Tang Clan and, in moving, profound conversations, with his own mother.

Allah, who debuted as a director with the documentary “Field Niggas”, in 2015, said: “My goal hasn’t changed, it is always to stay true to myself; to remain faithful to my vision and have the courage to express it cinematographically. “IWOW” is a kind of documentary poem in the first person; a declaration of my artistic integrity and of my uncompromising dedication to the streets.”

Direction: Khalik Allah
Production: Vikki Tobak, Sofian Khan
Editing: Khalik Allah
Cinematography: Khalik Allah
Sound Design & Score: 4TH Disciple, Khalik Allah
Release: Dogwoof

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    23 September 2021 — 03 October 2021
    Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon)


    Film director Gus Van Sant ventures into his first creation for the stage, a musical theater show inspired by Andy Warhol and his overwhelming talent for elevating images into icons, all while achieving worldwide celebrity status as persona and artist.


    24 September 2021 — 25 September 2021
    Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea - Museu do Chiado


    The instruments played by Tânia and Matthieu, saxophone and erhu, and her collaboration with the Casa do Minho de Lisboa Folklore Group, enable the embrace of this new form of experimentation with tradition and songbook. The songs are dismembered from their original form to be placed in the construction of a sound journey.

  • Green Walks

    25 September 2021


    A serie of performances in the natural space, “I want to see my mountains” is curated by Delfim Sardo and Sílvia Gomes and proposes artists to look at the legacy of Joseph Beuys, while observing their own mountains, their own "selves".

  • Movidas Raras

    28 September 2021 — 29 September 2021
    Cinema São Jorge (Lisboa)


    The Argentinean iconoclast, playwright and theatre director Rodrigo García returns with an audiovisual creation, written and produced remotely during the lockdown period. Not theatre, but a green screen (chroma key) and five exceptional performers materialise the director’s overflowing imagination. Angélica Liddell, Denis Lavant, Florencia Vecino, François Chaignaud and Volmir Cordeiro give themselves, body and soul, to this experiment.

  • Cinema Workshop – “Camera Ministry”

    28 September 2021 — 29 September 2021
    Cinema São Jorge


    Jamaican-Iranian filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah, based in New York, runs a workshop for the first time in Lisbon, in which he discusses the spiritual implications of his work, namely the use of photography to capture the essence of a person from a non-judgmental perspective; the recognition of all people as a light, and as a child of God; the choice to find beauty everywhere and in everything around us; and the use of photography to build intimate relationships.

  • Brasa

    29 September 2021
    Teatro das Figuras


    In “Brasa”, Tiago Cadete traces one of the lines of his theatrical research, that of the enquiry and critical approach to the historical relations between Portugal and Brazil, accompanied by a group of creatives-performers from diverse backgrounds: Isabél Zuaa, Julia Salem, Keli Freitas, Magnum Alexandre Soares, Ana Lobato, Dori Nigro, Gustavo Ciríaco and Raquel André.

  • Anjo Solidão

    30 September 2021 — 01 October 2021
    Fundação Champalimaud / Anfiteatro ao ar livre


    When releasing "Hair of the Dog", his first solo album, Gabriel Ferrandini brings to the Champalimaud Foundation's open-air amphitheater a performance that precisely reflects this state of openness to new artistic experiences: with the Gulbenkian Choir he explores the contemporaries possibilities of operatic singing, with the voices succeeding each other in successive loops (canon), raising issues of memory, traps and liberation.

  • Water In A Heatwave

    30 September 2021 — 10 October 2021
    Carpintarias de São Lázaro (Lisbon)


    “Water in a Heatwave” is a new durational piece for eight performers and is the artist’s most challenging project so far, in terms of scale and duration. In pairs, the performers clash their bodies into each other atop a series of pedestals, creating numerous tensions within the space.

  • Música Cigana Camões Yanomami / A Soma dos Seus

    01 October 2021
    Fábrica da Cerveja (Faro)


    “Música Cigana Camões Yanomami/A Soma dos Seus” consists of a performance/concert that combines the poetry of Camões, texts by Davi Kopenawa (from the Yanomami indigenous), with Gypsy Music. This encounter creates a communicative composition of original expressions.

  • A hole the size of your touch

    01 October 2021 — 03 October 2021
    National Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu do Chiado (Lisbon)


    Through deceleration, inhibition of the sense of sight and a kinetic and somatic approach to the body and its movement, André Uerba and the performers explore different ways to get to know and feel each other. Bodies that meet, coordinate and communicate non-verbally, opening a space that is understood as political.


    01 October 2021 — 03 October 2021


    Science fiction, tale and documentation are blended in this visual and theatrical performance about the memories of the Mueda Massacre, which happened in Mozambique in 1960.


    02 October 2021
    Auditório IPDJ (Faro)


    “IWOW” brings to Portugal the memorable photographer and filmmaker from New York, Khalik Allah, already described as a director of “street opera” and praised for a disarming view that unveils, with delicate mastery, a viscerally beautiful humanity.