“Il trattamento delle onde”
A dance performance to the sound of bells

“Il trattamento delle onde”, performance presented in the context of BoCA Summer School 2019, is built according to a rhythmic principle that takes into account the different moments of the day. The rhythm is, in fact, the basis of this dance and is open to listening to the negative and absent beat: the silence and the memory of the sound that extends over time and that finds new beats during its dispersion.
During the workshop, the sound of bells and the presence of dancers between beats and rhythm intervals were investigated. A dance created as the sound of bells and performed with a stick. The sound of the bells lasts for a duration that accumulates several beats and is ready to be refracted and expanded by the currents. The spectral consistency of the sound founds a listening capacity that combines presence and memory (a presence that does not disappear). The sequence of beats that continue to float in the air generates random and rhythmic coincidences, different and coexisting. Dancers treat all this as learning.
On this last day of the workshop led by Claudia Castellucci, there is a public presentation of the choreography, lasting 30 minutes, in three unique sessions in the cloister of the Convento das Bernardas / Museu da Marioneta, in Lisbon.

Choreography and direction:
Claudia Castellucci
Choreography teaching: Alessandro Bedosti
With: The workshop participants

> Have a look to the interview to Claudia Castellucci about her work and the workshop at BoCA Summer School


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