Registrations are open for “A Defesa da Natureza” in Faro

11 April 2022

The registrations for the project The Defense of Nature, in Faro, are now open.

BoCA keeps designing a diverse and sustainable plantation in different national geographies, with the collaboration of the local population.

Started last year, we open registrations again in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Faro for everyone who wants to plant a tree in Faro, giving it also a title. These natural/artistic creations are part of a plantation of “works of art” which will be planted all over the country for 10 years.

Joseph Beuys’ famous claim — “We can all be artists” — is invoked here as a motto and, at the same time, an invitation to anyone who, being part of an artistic community or not, wants to participate in this vital and creative gesture.

Participation is free.
More information and registrations HERE.