The desire to expand the art field and erase the borders between the various subjects is one of the fundamental interests in Pilar Albarracín’s work. By means of events, actions, performances, and photographic staging, the artist has contributed to bringing the visual arts and theatre closer together, encouraging the transformation of everyday experiences and objects into artistic matter. Parody and theatricality have functioned as an exercise in questioning artistic, religious, or identity traditions. 

In this workshop, Pilar Albarracín will use a selection of her own works as a starting point for an analysis of the visceral nature of her own culture, the anthropology linked to Andalusian folklore, and the role of women in these and in other contexts. It will deal transversally with themes such as the different processes of creation, concept, production, and market. The new applications of art as a vehicle for well-being. Reflecting on works that are born from a perspective that is not purely intellectual or philosophical, but more closely connected to emotional aspects.

Day 1 – 09/09/2022

Presentation from a selection of works, sharing of expectations from the workshop and the experience. Analysis of dominant narratives: 

— Women’s roles in the distribution of power;
— Clichés representing Andalusian/Portuguese identity;
— The neutralisation of clichés.
— The body.
— Ritual and trance.
— The body as a vehicle of transmission: between controlling and letting go.
— Setting the pace. How to structure a performance?

Day 2 – 10/09/2022

— Popular traditions, folklore, food rituals, religion, and myths. An approach from the particular to the universal based on the anthropology of everyday life.
— How to materialise ideas? Concept. Production. Market.
— Final conclusions.


M/16, students, professionals and those interested in performing and visual arts

Those interested can register by filling out the form HERE.
Max. 15 participants. Entries are made in order of reception.

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