Performance and dance workshop
“Inside the forest, body and imagination”

With a tripartite format, the workshop “Inside the forest, body and imagination” is a performing arts laboratory that brings together three artists with a transdisciplinary practice, between dance, performance and the visual arts: Mariana Tengner Barros, Gustavo Ciríaco and Pedro Ramos

Committed to issues related to climate change, ecology and sustainability, BoCA has been developing projects that cross artistic territories with other areas of knowledge. In 2021, it started “The Defense of Nature”, in honor of Joseph Beuys, which involves the planting of trees over 10 years and the reflection between artistic practices and natural spaces, commissioning artistic and educational projects for the planted green spaces.
Consisting of three 4-hour blocks, the workshop “Inside the forest, body and imagination” is the first programming activity for the Monsanto Forest, where we have already planted trees. Mariana Tengner Barros, Gustavo Ciríaco and Pedro Ramos propose, based on their research and performing artistic languages, to explore movement practices, states of consciousness, build narratives around the landscape and natural elements or build scenic and site-specific prototypes in the forest.

Participants are asked to bring comfortable clothes and shoes that might get dirty, a notebook, a pen and water.

TARGET AUDIENCE: M/16, students, professionals and those interested in performing arts and visual arts.

REGISTRATION: Interested parties can register by filling out this form. Entries are valid for the 3 sessions with the 3 artists and are made in order of reception.


Mariana Tengner Barros

Lab Title: Between Earth and Sky

Date and time: 17/09 (10am-2pm)

In this first workshop, the artist will share tools that she has gathered along her path, from movement and meditation practices, to imaginary scripts and different rituals, tools she uses in her creative processes, stimulating different states of consciousness in direct relationship with the forest. Each participant establishes connections between their stories and the “invisible”, which belongs to the point of view of each tree, honoring the wisdom and resilience of these beings that make the bridge between earth and sky.


Choreographer, dancer, performer. Her work has been presented in several countries in Europe and South America, highlighting “The Trap” (2011, winner of the Jardin D’Europe Audience Award, Austria), “A Power Ballad” (2013) and “Resurrection” ( 2017) co-creations with choreographer Mark Tompkins, “Instructions for the gods: i4gods” (2017), durational performance for museum in collaboration with musician Pan.demi.CK, and “The Invisible Forest” (2021), multidisciplinary project focused on the defense of elder trees. She collaborated with several artists in different projects as a dancer, actress and performer, highlighting Francisco Camacho, Meg Stuart, John Romão, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Diana Bastos Niepce, Elizabete Francisca, Nuno Miguel, António MV, Jonny Kadaver, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Raquel Castro, Retina Dance Company and Rafael Alvarez.
She has a degree in Dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (2003). She interned at the Ballet Theater Munich under the artistic direction of Philip Taylor (2004). She is a founding member of the art collective The Resistance Movement in Leeds (2005). She completed the Program of Study and Choreographic Creation-PEPCC at Fórum Dança in Lisbon (2009). She was an artist associated with EIRA between 2013 and 2016. She is the artistic director of A BELA Associação. She is part of the band Kundalini XS and the performative musical project Digital Pimp Hard at Work, both edited by Gruta. In 2016, she received the Municipal Cultural Merit Award from the Vila Nova de Famalicão City Council for her professional career.

Gustavo Ciríaco

Lab title: Some stories

Date and time: 17/09 (3pm-7pm)

The word Theater, in its Greek origin, translates as the place from which we see. Making theater potentially implies building landscapes of action and enjoyment, where spectators are summoned to a place with a view. But how to think about theater outside the theater, in a wild space? To what extent is the construction of tragedy associated with its place of happening in nature? Where do the sublime and the tragic meet in the collective experience of an imagined yet inhabited landscape?

Taking as a starting point structural elements of scenic construction such as the opening, the interval, the grand finale, this short creative laboratory invites those interested in performing arts and in different narratives around the landscape to explore and play with the construction of scenic prototypes and site-specific.


Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro) is a choreographer and transdisciplinary artist who moves between dance and the visual arts, passing through exhibition projects and interventions in the landscape where experience is the engine of sharing with the public. With a site-specific character, his works foster a dialogue between context and architecture, geography and housing, reality and fiction, in an ongoing research into the extensive fields of the art of dance making. His works have been seen at festivals such as Crossing the Line / New York; Casa Encendida/Madrid; Serralves Museum/Porto; Mercat de Flors/Barcelona; Al-Mammal Foundation/Jerusalem; TWS/Tokyo; DAC/Taipei; Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin; Panorama/Rio; FADJR/Tehran; Nave/Santiago, San Art/Saigon.


Pedro Ramos

Lab Title: Body in Creation / Embedding Practices

Date and time: 18/09 (10am-2pm)

The forest is a door to the vast, inside and outside. The body inhabited in the extension of consciousness to each of its parts, exploring, perceiving, studying the world from the inside and the outside. This laboratory activates a practice of movement from a broad view of the Body as a psycho-physical unit, as “a piece of nature to be known”. Through the intersection between the practice of yoga, alchemical studies, from the work of Jung in his relationship with psychology, the performing arts and deep ecology, Pedro Ramos invites participants to explore a poetic space through the body and writing.


Artistic Director of the Ordem do O, choreographer, performer, visual artist and teacher. He has a degree from the Escola Superior de Dança and is a student of the Masters in Theater of Movement at ESTC. He teaches Body Workshop at the Theater Degree at ESAD. As a performer he has worked with several national and international creators. Among his creations, he highlights, “Diário Métafisico”, “Matriz”, “Coniunctio”, “Alento”, “Corpo Anímico”, “Imo: eco-sistema interior”, “Rizoma” and “Metamorfoses”. He received the award of best contemporary dancer in 2008- Gala Dance Awards-RTP1.

Ordem do O is a platform for the development, production and dissemination of a new choreographic language and a methodology of artistic creation based on the research work that Pedro Ramos has carried out in recent years in collaboration with other artists. It calls for an understanding of what is present in the cycles of life, of what is essential and is repeated in a renewed way. An alternative artistic and knowledge practice is sought to the purely dualistic vision and separation of subject-object, man-nature, mind-matter. A sense of deep connection with the living world, with others, with our own body and with that larger body that is the world.

Produção: BoCA
Parceria: Fundação GDA
Apoios: Direção-Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Fundação Millennium BCP

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