BoCA Summer School 2020
Workshop directed by GERARD & KELLY (USA/FR)


Practices for Keeping Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to confront time: from abrupt shifts in daily life to the hours spent confined at home, from questions of mortality and survival to the urgency for radical changes in how we live. We face new realities of “before” and “after.” We experience a lag between the temporality of nature, or a virus, and the speed of capitalism and contemporary culture. Clockwork is a performance score that uses movement, language, and rhythm to explore the elasticity of time and memory.  Through a series of movement and writing practices, we will slow down and create space for questions to arise.  How do we fall into and out of sync with each other? How is time the technical support of both performance art and social relations? How might an awareness of time lead us to history and to politics? What is queer, feminist, and post-colonial about time? Clockwork is a way to keep time using your entire body, all of your senses, and your memory.

A practical note: this workshop does not require physical contact and will be conducted respecting safe distances from one another.

Students, professionals and non-professionals with movement-based practices and a practice and/or interest in writing are invited to participate. All ages are welcomed.

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Partnership: Fundação GDA
Supports: Estúdios Vítor Córdon, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Fundação Millennium BCP
BoCA is a project supported by the Portugal’s Ministry of Culture / DG Artes

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