Workshop with CLAUDIA CASTELLUCCI (Italy)

“The Wave Treatment”

A dance seminary to the sound of bells

Claudia Castellucci, co-founder with Romeo Castellucci and Chiara and Paolo Guidi of the Italian theater company Societas Raffaello Sanzio, in 1981, comes to Portugal for the first time to develop a workshop that combines dance and gesture theory. Predominantly dedicated to writing and teaching, Claudia Castellucci is the founder of several scholastic experiences: in the late 1980s she founded Scuola Tetrica della Discesa, which proposes a practice between philosophy and theater, and continues to write for several Romeo Castellucci creations or on theatrical practice.
The seminar “The Wave Treatment” is built according to a rhythmic principle that considers the different moments of the day. The rhythm is in fact the basis of this dance and opens to listening to the negative and missing part: the silence and the memory of the sound that is prolonged in time and that meets new strokes during its dispersion. We treat the sound of bells and the presence of dancers caught between shots and breaks. A dance based on the sound of bells and implemented with a stick. The sound of the bells is prolonged in a duration that adds up many chimes and arranges to be refracted and expanded by the currents. The spectral consistency of the sound founds a capacity for listening that brings together presence and memory (a presence that does not pass). The sequence of beats that continue to float in the air generates random coincidences and rhythms, different and co-present. Dancers treat this as a teaching.
We will search for the sound of the bells and the presence of the dancers between the beats and the intervals of rhythm. A dance created as the sound of the bells and performed with a stick. The sound of the bells extends for a duration that accumulates several beats and is arranged to be refracted and expanded by the chains. The spectral consistency of sound creates a listening capacity that combines presence and memory (a presence that does not disappear). The sequence of beats that continue to float in the air generates random and rhythmic coincidences, different and coexisting. Dancers treat all this as learning.
On the last day of the workshop, a public presentation of the work will be done.


Direction and Choreography: Claudia Castellucci
Dance teaching: Alessandro Bedosti


Claudia Castellucci is the co-founder with Romeo Castellucci and with Chiara and Paolo Guidi of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (now Societas), a theatre company that has established itself internationally for the radical reinvention of the scenic language since the 1980s. Predominantly devoted to writing and teaching, she is the founder of various scholastic experiences. She inaugurates the Scuola Tetrica della Discesa in the late 1980s, balancing between philosophy and theatre practice. The Stoa School, concerning the rhythmic movement, follows; it then evolved in Calla (in 2010) and École du rythme (in 2011 in Bordeaux, for the Biennale of Urban Art). From 2015 she carries on her original idea of ??a school conceived as a work of art, with Mòra, giving rise to the works Verso la specie and Fisica dell’aspra comunione (2018): the first is a dance that takes as a model the metric of archaic Greek poetry, presented at the Venice Biennale; the second follows a pattern of movements derived from Olivier Messiaen’s Le Catalogue d’oiseaux. In 2012 she devoted herself to the composition and interpretation of the monologue Il regno profondo, a long confession divided into several parts: La vita delle vite and Il dialogo degli schiavi. In 2017 the third part Perché sei qui? adds and in this production she is on the stage with Chiara Guidi. She also sets in the field of figurative arts, with I Passanti – Exhibition of Newspaper Clippings and La celebrazione dei gesti istoriali (2012). In 2014 he founded Cònia: a summer school of representation technique powered by several professors and she inaugurated Catalysi in 2016: a school residence aimed at production and contextual theoretical studies. She wrote several books, among othrers: “Les Pèlerins de la matière, théorie et praxis du théâtre”, Les Solitaires Intempestifs, 2001; and “The Theatre of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio”, Routledge, 2007.

Students and professionals of dance and theater, with a very good rhythmic sense, to learn a choreography of 35 minutes. A public presentation will be made on the last day of the workshop.
Maximum of 15 participants.

You can sign up, until 30 AGO, by completing the form here.

Production: BoCA
Partnership: GDA Foundation
Support: Lisbon City Hall, Estúdios Victor Córdon
Pictures: Bruno Simão


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