Performing arts workshop
“All the Fictions that Generate Here”

Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert are the directors of the Spanish theater group El Conde de Torrefiel, a company that has attended the most important festivals and European theaters in recent years. This work is characterized by scenes where choreography, text and images converge to create vulgar and fragmentary narratives, where the tensions between the individual and the collective that characterize current Western society emerge and materialize in a surprising way. Over the past ten years, Beyeler and Gisbert have established themselves on the European theater scene, with their unique blend of a minimalist aesthetic and an idiosyncratic dramaturgical use of text, image and sound. Some of their creations have been in Portuguese stages, such as “The possibility that disappears in front of the landscape” (Teatro Maria Matos), “The Square” (Alkantara) and, more recently, “The Protagonists” (LU.CA). They have also taken part in European festivals such as the Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), the Festival d’Avignon (Avignon), the KunstenfestivaldesArts (Brussels), the Festival Sâlmon (Barcelona) or the Festival d’Automne (Paris).

The main idea that underpins the formal approach to El Conde de Torrefiel’s scenic works is based on the idea that the show takes place in the spectator’s head. Their characters often transcend the limits of spoken language — in their own words, “The verb is in the dancer’s body, not in the actor’s mouth”. Thus, the workshop “All the Fictions that Generate Here” intends to explore the dramaturgical devices that allow treating the text and its forms, as well as the bodies and their movement on stage, from a rhythmic and compositional point of view, to generate suggestive performative landscapes and framing emotional states in the viewer.


M/16, students, professionals and those interested in performing arts

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Max. 15 participants. Entries are made in order of reception.

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