Rita GT is a multidisciplinary, critical and interventional artist. In her work, she addresses urgent issues such as memory, identity, human rights and colonial relations, using performative and visual languages that often involve her own body. In “Unearthing” (2021), Rita GT brings patriarchal colonisation into focus, reflecting on the place of women in global expansionist politics, using clay, ceramics and singing as catalysing processes.
The video-performance – the culmination of an artistic residency that Rita GT undertook in 2018 at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, United Kingdom – features the voice of the traditional group Cantadeiras do Vale do Neiva and the movement of the dancers Piny and Isa Santos, set at the former Louça Factory in Viana do Castelo. The choral element evokes songs and chants that have travelled in the voices of women, preserving their linguistic diversity and the provincialisms present in the lyrics and interpretation.
“Unearthing” is thus an act of recognising and excavating the forgotten history of the women who, during the colonial era, were forced to leave their lands and homes and emigrate to various parts of the world.

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