John Luther Adams, American composer and Pulitzer Prize winner in 2014, reimagines and recreates relationships with other human and non-human beings through music. With a unique sensitivity for capturing the beauty and majesty of landscapes and natural environments, Adams takes us through different sonic and poetic geographies, from the flow of rivers to the movements of the skies. With compositions that sometimes take your breath away and sometimes lull you into a warm and comforting melody, John Luther Adams was highlighted by The New Yorker as “one of the most original musical thinkers of the century”.

Under the invitation of BoCA, soloists from the Orchestra from Algarve perform three of his works for string quartet, in two concerts designed for Faro’s green spaces. The program includes the pieces “The Wind in High Places” (2011), “Canticles of the Sky” (2015) and “Three High Places (in memory of Gordon Wright)” (2007), Adams’ music, always haunted and fascinated by the dialectic between man and nature, echoes and blends with the city’s natural environment.

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