Video installation
“The New Sun”

Dreamlike films that explore time and memory. This is the world of Agnieszka Polska – born in Poland in 1985, when it was still a communist state – who is interested in forgotten stories and cultural myths, especially those of missing artists.

Agnieszka Polska’s recent digital artworks touch on themes around the climate crisis, natural and humanitarian catastrophes. The Polish artist is the creator of hallucinogenic, hypnotic films, artistic works created and manipulated digitally, and that enable immersive experiences that make us think about language, history, science; activating a critical consciousness of our individual social responsibility in a world of post-truth.

“The New Sun” presents a projection of the sun personified as a cartoon character that speaks directly to the audience about scientific theory, poetry, natural disasters, trivial jokes and love songs. Here, the sun is everything you see before the final collapse of your system, your planet, your sunset – the last witness to your extinction, softly driving you towards the black hole of a last meditation.


The New Sun, 2017
Video HD, 12’19”
Courtesy of the artist and Zak | Branicka, Berlim


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