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Musician of sonic and performative visceralness, trained in visual arts, producer, many-faced creator Jonathan Saldanha is a shaman master of new technologies and artistic languages in a world of post-production where futurology has tribal and ritualistic roots. Jazz, hip-hop, electronica, gestures of composition between music, performance and visual arts, Jonathan moves in a permanent inventive reform and re-signifying of what already exists in the world. After pieces such as “Oxidation Machine” (2016), “O Poço” (2017) or “SØMA” (2018), and with a multidisciplinary path that took him to the stage in Primavera Sound, Sónar, OUT. FEST, Palais de Tokyo and others, he now presents in BoCA “Scotoma Cintilante”, performance-concert for a mixed choir of blind people with three dimensional graphical sheet music.

The surface of a sculpture-machine is the inanimate matter that operates the mutation over the voice in time. Coming from a world-vision where tactile relations with inanimate matter is the primordial source of sound building, this performance-concert submits itself between matter and animates, pre-language and surface, operating the interception of four distinct axes: the human vocal apparatus; the mediation of an haptic language; refraction as a tactile mechanism of time mutation and rematerialization; and the camouflaging of the word by voice. It is a project of research that arises out of an invitation by School of Arts – UCP for the development of a vocal piece that reflects the archetypes of the passion of Christ, developed in artistic residence.


Direction and concept Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Maestra Ivelina Kavrakova
Choir Ver Pela Arte
Coral refraction mechanism Pedro Monteiro
Sculpture development and construction André Perrotta
3D Design Ricardo Megre
Corporality Catarina Miranda
Surface Diogo Tudela
Investigation Assistance Álvaro Balsas
Co-production BoCA, Católica
Support Fundação GDA

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