Gabriel Ferrandini is one of the most promising musicians of the contemporary music scene in Portugal. Having played with some of the best jazz and experimental musicians of our time (Thurston Moore, Nate Wooley or Alex Zhang Hungtai) and in very diverse contexts, national and international reviews haven’t been sparing any compliments. We have grown used to seeing Ferrandini in a true duel with the drum set, in an act of pure cel- ebration of the present. With an invitation from BoCA, the artist will produce his first stage creation, sharing it with actor Frederico Barata.

“Rosa. Espinho. Dureza.” is made out of three acts: labour, sex, love. As a triptych, in which concepts and materials are interlinked, each act will have an action and object represent its respective “problem”, repeated ad nauseam, testing the persistence and concentration of the performers while inviting the audience to follow them in this demanding physical and musical journey.

On stage, an actor and drummer performing as themselves. Rules, fear, inertia and distraction. Ferrandini tells us “in a life without strength nor faith we can end up in repetitions that won’t take us anywhere, but might bring some kind of social validation. This doesn’t mean losing hope or not suffering in a life more real and fulfilling.” In the end we return to the beginning, as in a cyclical effort, in an allusion to the myth of Sisyphus. Is there any salvation? The truth from the body and the faith one encounters after that tragic violence?


Concept and direction Gabriel Ferrandini
Assistant direction Filipa Matta
With Gabriel Ferrandini e Frederico Barata
Sound technician José Alho
Set and light design António Júlio Duarte
Text revision Paulo da Fonseca
Production BoCA
Coproduction Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Municipal do Porto
Promotion picture António Júlio Duarte
Photographic registration Bruno Simão and José Caldeira

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