European Premiere – Performance/Activism
Resistencia o la Reivindicación de un Derecho Colectivo


The local impact of “El Violador Eres Tu” and of “Un Violador en tu Camino” (2020) has brought international repercussions to this performance , reproduced in more than 50 countries. The feminist interdisciplinary collective of female artists from Valparaíso (Chile), LASTESIS, focuses on divulging feminist theory through performance, specifically through an interdisciplinary language that combines performative arts, sound, graphic design, and textiles, history and social sciences. Travelling for the first time to Portugal for the development and presentation of their most recent project.

Resistencia o la Reivindicación de un Derecho Colectivo (“Resistance or vindication of a collective right” is the new creation by the collective LASTESIS, a collaborative production for the public space, created in the artistic residency in Valparaíso through interdisciplinary scenic strategies. With the participation of around 80 women of different ages and backgrounds in a process of creative research. The project aims to translate some of the ideas of Judith Butler, Paul B. Preciado and Maria Lugones through a scenic strategy sustained by the bodies and experiences of the participants. Through the oppositions of repression and pleasure, death and celebration, denunciation and resistance, the performance approaches the vindication of the right to a life free of violence in a context of colonialism and active extractivism. 


Creation and direction: LASTESIS (Daffne Valdés Vargas, Paula Cometa Stange, Lea Cáceres Díaz and Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem)
Co-production: Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Fundación Teatro a Mil, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Production: Luisa Tupper

Open call 
for participants in the creative laboratory run by the LASTESIS collective, which will result in the public presentation of the performance

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