Exhibition of videos of performances and films by artists who question the relationship between the performing body, architecture and the camera. Artistic projects based on the profound relationship between body-chamber or body-architecture, here focused on closed spaces. The choice will be made directly either from the BoCA archive, or via partnerships with other institutions. We have a partnership with BoCA x Tate Modern, in which Catherine Wood (Senior Performance Curator at Tate Modern) selected 3 performances designed exclusively for the “BMW Tate Live: Performance Room” series (2011-2015), a series of performances broadcast live and designed exclusively for cyberspace, commissioned by Tate. BoCA x Fundação Serralves Collection will also present Portuguese artists, namely Silvestre Pestana’s videos-poems-performances.
Every Thursday until at least the 30th of June 2020.



Performance by PABLO BRONSTEIN – “Constantinople Kaleidoscope” (2012) Tate Modern Partnership, 10pm
Curator: Catherine Wood

“Constantinople Kaleidoscope” (2012) was a performance created by Argentine artist Pablo Bronstein, and presented for the first time exclusively in the BMW Tate Live – Performance Room series (curated by Catherine Wood for Tate Modern). A choreographed optical illusion, where four mirrored columns are moved in a room by a group of dancers, revealing complex games of reflexes. Interested in the intersection between architecture, choreography and visual arts, Bronstein explored in this work different creative practices through the physical space of Tate Modern and the online presentation. Now, for BoCA Online, it will be shown again this Thursday, at 10 pm, on our YouTube account. Unique Exhibition.


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