Exhibition of videos of performances and films by artists who question the relationship between the performing body, architecture and the camera. Artistic projects based on the profound relationship between body-chamber or body-architecture, here focused on closed spaces. The choice will be made directly either from the BoCA archive, or via partnerships with other institutions. We have a partnership with BoCA x Tate Modern, in which Catherine Wood (Senior Performance Curator at Tate Modern) selected 3 performances designed exclusively for the “BMW Tate Live: Performance Room” series (2011-2015), a series of performances broadcast live and designed exclusively for cyberspace, commissioned by Tate. BoCA x Fundação Serralves Collection will also present Portuguese artists, namely Silvestre Pestana’s videos-poems-performances.
Every Thursday until at least the 30th of June 2020.

Here and on social networks @ BoCA Bienal we are announcing which videos and films will be shown, week by week.


4 JUN, 10pm (West): Emily Roysdon, performance “I am a helicopter, camera, queen” (2012)
Curator: Catherine Wood / Partnership Tate Modern



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