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Linn da Quebrada is a transexual singer, composer and multimedia artist, known for appropriating the usually violent funk carioca genre to passionately rebuke transfobia and other political violences. Against the backdrop of the quick ascension to power by the Brazilian right-wing, she offers her voice to the vulnerable and helpless.

Released in 2017, Linn’s first LP gains its title of “Pajubá” after the dialect spoken by the gay community and its supporters in Rio de Janeiro. The name comes from the African languages and has begun being used by the transvestites of Rio as a form of survival against the violence on the streets. With lyrical and incisive power, frequently humorous, she approaches topics such as violence, poverty, body politics, sex, desire and the daily struggles of Brazilian trans women.

In BoCA 2019, Linn da Quebrada presents her show in Lux with a team of DJs, vocalists and dancers, between them Bad- Sista, Jup do Bairro, the percussionist Dominique Vieira and DJ Pininga.


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