New creation – Performance installation
“Overlapses, Riddles & Spells”

The way in which we relate or mutually affect each other, in permanent interdependence, is a principle that is found across much of the work by the visual artist Andreia Santana. “Overlapses, Riddles & Spells” is a project that contemplates a unique installation with pieces made of glass and iron, along with two video projections.

The sculptures will be given voice to by António Poppe (poet and visual artist), placing bacteria in the objects by blowing, followed by the sounds of João Polido (musician) almost imperceptible, perhaps aimed at other beings, and used as a capsule, extension or prosthesis of the body, by the performer Vânia Doutel Vaz.

In “Overlapses, Riddles & Spells”, Andreia Santana conceives a hybrid and mutating space that works as a receptacle for metamorphic objects in constant movement to be activated through performance, poetry, and sound, emphasising the correlation and interdependence of beings, drawn from a dermatological reading of the pieces.


Concept and direction: Andreia Santana
Performance: Vânia Doutel Vaz
Voice: António Poppe
Sound: João Polido
Production: BoCA
Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém
Production support: ArtWorks
Support: Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática, Curtas Metragens CRL, Galeria Filomena Soares, Normax (Fábrica de Vidros Científicos, Lda.)
Artistic residency: O Espaço do Tempo

“Overlapses, Riddles & Spells” is commissioned by BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts 2021

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