Established by Anjali Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, The Otolith Group creates movies, audiovisual installations and performances that draw inspiration in methods taken from cognitive dissonance generated by science fiction. Their works in cinema and video incorporate an essay-based aesthetic on the exploration of temporal anomalies through lenses, besides anthropic inversions and synthetic alienation of the post-human, the inhuman and lastly the anti-human.

“The Third Part of the Third Measure” (2017) is a new audiovisual composition comissioned by the Philadelphia’s Contemporary Art Institute and Sharjah Biennial13, creating an encounter with the militant minimalism of African-American avant-garde composer, pianist and singer Julius Eastman.

“The Third Part of the Third Measure” centers on what the Otolith Group describes as “an observational experience on a source of listening”, evoking political feelings of protest and the collective practice of movement construction that participates in global fights against authoritarianism of a neo-reactionary breed. The film “The Third Part of the Third Measure” invites spectators to watch the ecstatic artistry of black radicalism that Eastman himself once described as “full of honor, integrity and unlimited courage”.


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