Words by Gonçalo M. Tavares with images, objects and movement by Os Espacialistas.
Animals and their infinite characteristics. The man and his greed, an avid biped.
Animals as the first money.
Money as the last of animals; an animal without volume, width and length. An abstract animal.
The forms of money versus the infinite crazes of animals.
Words, images, objects and gestures in permanent collision.
A conference full of encounters and disagreements between word, image and gesture having the fragment as a base. Fragments: machines to produce beginnings.
The body, animal money is present.

With: Gonçalo M. Tavares and Os Espacialistas
Production: BoCA
Executive Production: Carolina Trigueiros
Head of Production: Marta Cavaco
Support: Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater, Funchal City Hall

BoCA is a project funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture / DG Artes

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