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The thought and practice of Joana da Conceição are rooted in painting and music, with public presentations of her work hopping between the two art forms.

In the Casa dos Crivos performance, Joana da Conceição proposes that we accompany the succession of ephemeral paintings she will be creating through the manipulation of objects, pictures and sound. For this multimedia game the artists brings her own original material, be it paintings, music or drawings, that she combines with found objects. The gestures and matter compose an open and spontaneous choreography of sounds and shapes, its music roaming across the site and swerving around the semantic reverb from the objects that happen also in time, because it is memory and life lived.

It is the Beginning of Things, and the power ancestry has over the individual, which has been motivating many of Joana’s artistic realizations; and it is from those trips to the past that she has been collecting sensible impressions of eroticism that con- fuse themselves with archetypes of femininity, the ones she’s chosen to problematize in “O Berço de Vénus”.

This presentation counts with the participation of Sara Graça and Maria Reis.


Concept, performance and installation Joana da Conceição
Participation Sara Graça, Maria Reis
Coproduction BoCA
Supports Casa dos Crivos, Braga City Hall

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