MTF Priestesses Cutting the Bone to Reveal it’s Lie

Winner project from the 2020 edition of RExFORM

Odete is the winner artist of the first edition of RExFORM – International Performance Project, which was born from the collaboration between BoCA and MAAT.
In the performance “MTF Priestesses Cutting The Bone to Reveal It’s Lie”, Odete proposes a critical approach to the historical silence around the issues of the body, gender identity and the queer world. According to the artist, it is the “culmination of a work on the shadows and politics” that has been developing since she started her artistic career.
“I want to present a project that conspires against the writing of history in the sense of inscribing certain bodies and practices in it. And this inscription is made through a lying writing about the past, thus revealing the techniques of producing the truth of that same story that erased us. This project is, at heart, a paranoid archaeological project”, describes the artist.
The project consists of three parts – a magic book, a video game and a performance – and aims to fictionalize a secret society that presents itself linked to names like Joana d’Arc, Eliogabalus or Chevalier D’Eon, of which the artist claims to be a descendant.
The choice was made by a jury composed by MAAT director Beatrice Leanza, Tate Modern’s senior performance curator, Catherine Wood, the director of performing arts at Center Pompidou, Chloé Siganos, and BoCA’s artistic director, John Romão.

Concept, direction and performance: Odete
Collaboration and performance: Herlander, Tita Maravilha
Coproduction: BoCA and MAAT, in the frame of RExFORM – International Performance Project

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