National premiere – film
“Movidas Raras”

The Argentinean iconoclast, playwright and theatre director Rodrigo García returns with an audiovisual creation, written and produced remotely during the lockdown period. Not theatre, but a green screen (chroma key) decorated with unlikely colourful accessories and five exceptional performers materialise the director’s overflowing imagination. Angélica Liddell, Denis Lavant, Florencia Vecino, François Chaignaud and Volmir Cordeiro give themselves, body and soul, to this experiment developed by the actors in their own homes, without rehearsing in the same space, filming themselves with smartphones and iPads. From Paris, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Asturias, the cast of “Movidas Raras” embarked with Rodrigo García on an incredibly bold experiment.
Various characters play the intertwined stories, and a narration, performed by Denis Lavant, tells us about the relationships between them. One of the characters, played by Volmir Cordeiro, utterly wants to remake the film “Barry Lyndon” (1997) by Stanley Kubrick, another creates very expensive trainers for “idiots”, spending her time pulling apart existing ones, only to put them back together differently and sell them in new configurations. There is also an Anabaptist, played by Angélica Liddell, and other surprising characters.
This is neither a play, nor a film, or a video-installation… It is an audio-visual experiment which reflects the need to create new narratives and mechanisms that allow for the formation of collectivities.

Direction and screenplay: Rodrigo García
With: Angélica Liddell, Denis Lavant, Florencia Vecino, François Chaignaud, Volmir Cordeiro
Shot by: Gumersindo Puche, Bruno Pace, Marcos Torino, Muriel Habrard
With contributions by: Gumersindo Puche, Mateo Mezquita, Diego Lamas, Laura Fernández, Arturo Iturbe, Elizabeth Iturbe, Manuel Lamas, Diego Lamas Jr, Carlos Lamas
Costumes: Margaux Ponsard
Make-up: Sylvie Cailler
French translation: Christilla Vasserot
Portuguese translation: Florencia Carrizo
Head of production: John Romão, Olivier Lataste
Original soundtrack: Daniel Romero
Editing and visuals: Jesús Santos, Daniel Romero, Arturo Iturbe, Rodrigo García
Portuguese subtitles: SPELL
Production: La compagnie Boucherie Théâtre / Rodrigo García
Production assistance: Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy
Co-production: Malraux scène nationale Chambéry Savoie, Carré Colonnes Scène nationale, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Comédie de Caen, Festival Grec Barcelona, Festival Temporada Alta, Le Phénix Scène nationale, Le Trident Scène nationale, MC93 Bobigny Scène nationale, Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre Garonne, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

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