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Angélica Liddell, one of the main names of European contemporary theatre and with whom BoCA has maintained a close relationship – it was on BoCA Summer School in 2017 that the workshop “A Eloquência da Ferida ou A Tragédia da Liberdade: Transgressão” initiated a research that spawned the show “Scarlet Letter” – now returns to Portugal to develop a new creation.

Having its starting point on the Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch narrative, the essay “The Cold and The Cruel” (1967) by Gilles Deleuze makes an analysis of the sadomasochist concept, that he describes as a “semiotic monster”. In this new creation, Angélica Liddell focuses on the perversions, far away from any clinical explanation, where it is highlighted the poetic expression that goes beyond any artistic frontier or discipline, to display the relations between father and daughter, i.e., between who will die and God.


Concept and direction Angélica Liddell
With Angélica Liddell, Camilo Sousa, Liliana Mota, Renata Portas
Extras Ana Teodora Meireles, Ana Teodora Silva, Brice Sousa
Executive production Gumersindo Puche
Production BoCA
Support to the presentations PICE / Acción Cultural Española

> On 26 and 27 APR, at 20H, at Mosteiro de Tibães, you can also see the installation and performative activation “Voluta” by João Pais Filipe.


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