Live broadcasts of short performances commissioned by BoCA, thought through the relational body-camera-home device. A relationship is proposed around our current state of confinement and the artistic languages ??mediated by the camera. The performances are live on the YouTube channel of BoCA Bienal.
Every Saturday until at least 30 June 2020.


JUN 13, 8pm (West): Mette Ingvartsen (Danish choreographer and dancer)
Performance: Manual Focus (solo version for camera) (2020)
Followed by a conversation with John Romão

This adaptation of “Manual Focus”, one of my very first pieces, was created for BOCA-online during the last weeks of the COVID-19 confinement. The piece is one of the simplest I’ve ever made; all needed is a space, a body, a mask and a recording device. The title refers to the manual focus function on cameras, that allow you to sharpen or to blur your gaze and to choose on what you focus.
Mette Ingvartsen


Mette Ingvartsen is a Danish choreographer who lives and works in Brussels. Her work is characterised by hybridity and engages in extending choreographic practices by combining dance and movement with other domains such as visual arts, technology, language and theory. With her first piece Manual Focus, she established her company in 2003. Her work has since then been shown throughout Europe, as well as in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Asia.
An important strand of her work was developed between 2009 and 2012 with The Artificial Nature Series, in which she focused on reconfiguring relations between human and non-human agency through choreography. By contrast her latest series, The Red Pieces (2014-2017) inscribes itself into a history of human performance with a focus on nudity, sexuality and how the body historically has been a site for political struggles. She has been artist in residence at the Kaaitheater in Brussels, Volksbühne in Berlin, as well as associated to the APAP network. Ingvartsen holds a PhD in choreography from Stockholm’s University of the Arts.





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