National premiere – film
“IWOW: I Walk On Water”

“IWOW” brings to Portugal the memorable photographer and filmmaker from New York, Khalik Allah, already described as a director of “street opera” and praised for a disarming view that unveils, with delicate mastery, a viscerally beautiful humanity. Khalik Allah is the author of the celebrated documentary “Field Niggas” (2015) and the award-winning “Black Mother” (2018), shown in festivals all around the world.

In “IWOW”, Allah’s main character is Frenchie, his long-standing muse, a schizophrenic Haitian, a homeless 60 year old, with whom he gradually becomes more involved. In parallel, Allah turns the camera in his own direction to document a turbulent romantic relationship and to deal with personal notions of spirituality and mortality – these are the questions about which he collects advice from charismatic confidants, including Fab 5 Freddy, members of Wu-Tang Clan and, in moving, profound conversations, with his own mother.

Allah, who debuted as a director with the documentary “Field Niggas”, in 2015, said: “My goal hasn’t changed, it is always to stay true to myself; to remain faithful to my vision and have the courage to express it cinematographically. “IWOW” is a kind of documentary poem in the first person; a declaration of my artistic integrity and of my uncompromising dedication to the streets.”

Direction: Khalik Allah
Production: Vikki Tobak, Sofian Khan
Editing: Khalik Allah
Cinematography: Khalik Allah
Sound Design & Score: 4TH Disciple, Khalik Allah
Release: Dogwoof

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