“Soará a silêncio, o som de uma revolução dentro de um Bunker” [It will sound like silence, the sound of a revolution inside a Bunker] presents itself as an installation composed of several elements that local performers will activate in specific moments, inviting the audience to join in on the process.

The course of history demonstrates protest to us as an intrinsic action in ourselves, and a necessary one to the progress of our time. Social networks have been a determining factor in the way the revolutions and protests that marked recent glob- al history have unfolded. But were these more effective because of this factor? We use social networks as new tools and spaces that allow for expression and protest, but can these actions echo through the thick walls of the bunker? Where the present-day finds itself more and more as a middle ground between physical and digital existence, and where the voice from the streets seems to have been replaced by the post on the Web, this work presents a reflection around the possibility of being able to still make revolutions facing the changes the digital revolution has introduced to society and communication, and facing the isolationism practiced by the states. It being possible, which shape should it become? And inside the bunker, will that revolution sound like silence?


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