Caty Olive, a French artist who works as a light and set designer, and Odete, a multidisciplinary artist who inhabits the territories of performance, sound, music and writing, come together to explore the resonances of their worlds. The organic electronic meanderings, the dissolving boundaries in Odete’s music and the poetry and trans-performativity of her work meet the breath of Caty’s lighting systems and their ever-changing bodies of light. There is an elemental empathy between the two artists’ work that confronts rigidity and essentialist currents, which exists in the particular nature of the ecology of bodies and energies that their languages evoke.

After a week of creative residency in Serralves, Odete and Olive compose “Il y a une larme dans chaque note et un soupir dans chaque pli”, a project that evokes the castrati and explores their vocal and aesthetic universe. The artists propose to imagine that the castrati could be a form of fiction in a place whose contours remain fluid and which (is) transformed. A space that absorbs the bodies that inhabit it, where history can give way to fantasy and speculation, where the baroque dimension of a body finds shelter, escaping the demands of a world that seeks to clarify everything.

Creation and interpretation: Caty Olive and Odete
Light: Caty Olive
Sound: Odete
Co-production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Fundação de Serralves, La Ménagerie de Verre
Support: MaisFRANÇA / Institut Français du Portugal

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