Voices without tongues arrive to where the speaking tongue can’t get to. Chants without music arrive to where the song cannot sound. Feet without ground arrive to where the land is fertile, where the dead were always present.

The place of pain to heal wounds is frequently an improbable one. But to move past the pain is the utopian way to get to the other side. Who can listen? Who can shout? What is there to notice? Who won’t last? What is left to dream?

The Institute of Black Women in Portugal – INMUNE answers to BoCA’s invitation to create a spoken word performance around the themes that involve the creation of this intersectional and anti-racist feminist entity, made up entirely of black women. This performance, “Gestuário II” leads intact in the fight against the silencing of black women, African and afro-descendant in past and today’s History.

INMUNE promotes the empowerment, the social and political participation of women, equal rights, parity and social justice, fostering through their activities and actions a welcoming environment to the affirmation and valorization of black and African culture and heritage in Portugal.


Creation INMUNE – Instituto da Mulher Negra em Portugal
Direction Zia Soares
Performers Alesa Herero, Denise Viana, Raquel Lima, Sandra Costa
Pictures Luís F. Simões, Marlene Nobre, Sofia Berberan
Graphic design Neusa Trovoada
Co-production INMUNE, BoCA

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