This will be a laboratory for creative experimentation, which asks the possibilities of dance, movement and performance as a political practice of activating the body. Attention modes and states of consciousness that will allow the reconfiguration of the filters we use to understand “reality” will be investigated. Through movement research based on perception and sensation, body-mind connection and expansion of the senses, another articulated body will be prepared, which expresses the non-linear and complex language derived from emotionality, sensoriality and imagination. The practice of freedom, without the different “programs” that we are subject to as human beings, by deconstructing and reconstructing the multiple images that we have of ourselves, and of the world, while we dance. The notion of dance will be constantly called into question by reconfiguring patterns of behavior and identity. The game will be encompassed, playing seriously, which is playing, because playing is essential for the lucid perception of reality, disconnected from self-censorship and in line with curiosity.

Who is it for:
+16, students and interested parties in general, with and without artistic experience.
Interested parties should send an email to with the following documentation: name, date of birth and telephone contact.

Deadline for registration:
3 APR 2019

Production: BoCA
Support: DG Artes / Ministry of Culture, Centro de Experimentação Artística da Moita
Support for the BoCA Educational Program: Fundação Millennium BCP


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