“Em Voz Alta” is a project that crosses the various disciplines that make up António Poppe’s practice, from poetry to visual arts, from performing arts to meditation. In the form of a performance piece, his new creation is born from the spoken word – based on the poem “O Agitador e a Corrente”, written four-handed with Mumtazz, as well as other poems written and memorised by the author – and its final form includes various scenographic objects: manuscripts, collages, drawings, installations, sound pieces, videos and films. The performance is the aggregating element of all these components.

Formed by 12 acts or scenes, the work is a descendant of opera – the opera of memory. In the context of BoCA, António Poppe presents the first two scenes of this set, also using improvisation to tell the stories of these poems: “first water mould (without trance of fortune)”, in which he materialises the word-image in a dramaturgical space, and “in tune with what does not cease (without human cunning)”, a simultaneous drawing-voice-collage-poem. “Em Voz Alta” reserves for us António Poppe’s intuitive gestures and words and their live manifestations – a poetics of the unexpected.

Artistic direction and conception: António Poppe
Technical direction and producer: Leonor Lloret
Artistic and technical team: Cristopher Ruiz, Helena Estrela, Francisco Poppe
Support: Portuguese Republic – Culture / General Directorate of the Arts
In collaboration with: Aderno – Associação Cultural; Associação Mandriões do Vale Fértil – Casa de Gigante; BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts; Galeria Zé dos Bois – ZDB; Osso – Associação Cultural

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