This is the project that has brought together different personalities to think about the green spaces in the city of Lisbon in relation to literature. Now, in an online format, each guest shares a photo of himself in a natural landscape, relating it to a book he has at home. A dialogue is established between the interior and the exterior, between the body (confined to housing and photography), nature and imagination. An informal chat via live Instagram, in which the online community is invited to participate. Every Sunday until at least the 30th of June 2020.


Guest: Teresa Villaverde (filmmaker)*
Photo location: home, 2020
Book: “80 Poemas” by Emily Dickinson, translated by Jorge de Sena
Moderator: Cláudia Galhós

Teresa Villaverde was born in Lisbon on the 18th of May 1966. In the eighties she participated as an actress, co-author and co-director in the Theater Group of the Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon. Still in the eighties, she participates as an actress in the film by João César Monteiro À Flor do Mar. She watches the filming of Paulo Rocha’s Desire as an assistant writer.
She worked as a co-writer with José Álvaro Morais in the unreleased film A Corte do Norte based on the homonymous novel by Agustina Bessa-Luís. He works as co-writer with João Canijo in the film A Filha da Mãe.
At the beginning of the nineties, she began her activity as a director, always writing the arguments of her films.
All of his films had world premieres at the class A festivals, Cannes, Venice and Berlin, and then followed the festival circuit around the world: The Elder Age (1991), Três Irmãos (1994), Os Mutantes (1998) ), Água e Sal (2001), In Favor of Clarity (2004), Visions of Europe (2004), Transe (2006), Swan (2011) and Colo (2017).
All of his films had commercial premieres in Portugal, and many had premieres in other countries, namely France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the U.S., and were the target of several awards.
Full samples of his work have already been made in France at the Festival in Italy, and in Portugal. He collaborated with several schools, namely the University of Évora in Portugal, and at the Haute École D’art et du Design de Genève in Switzerland.
In 2010, he created his own production company, ALCE FILMES, in order to produce himself. Teresa Villaverde has also been a judge at numerous film festivals around the world.


* Exceptionally, this Ecotemporânos session will take place live on BoCA Bienal’s YouTube channel

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