An open community of readers in green and imaginary spaces


Creating an echo with the future – Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 -, the Contemporary Arts Biennial BoCA in partner- ship with EGEAC begins in 2019 a long-term project that relates the occupation of green spaces in Lisbon, their availability and fruition, by a reading community that is both inclusive and accessible. How can literature become such a reflective gesture over the present-day and biodiversity while simultaneously being an ample gesture of inclusion and artistry?

“Ecotemporâneos” [Ecotemporaries] is an inclusive literary community acting in the green spaces of Lisbon, constituted by a diverse group of visual and auditory deficient people as well as people who can see and hear.

The project shares a common time (contemporary) and a common space (the environment) around access to literature and its relation to a site.

For each session, a guest – a public figure representing culture and contemporary Portuguese society – will pick a book that shall be read at home. In a live setting, some excerpts will be read amongst the present and the book will be presented by the guest as well as the relationship between book and the green space. The garden’s growth, presented by its gardeners, and literature’s growth, developed by the guest and the participants. Some books will be printed in braille, with others being printed for free and having live translation in Portuguese sign-language, making the reading and dialogue accessible to all.

Inclusive, accessible, reflecting over the environment and artistic experience, all are welcome. Here we all are “Ecotemporâneos”.


Matilde Campilho (writer)

Mamadou Ba (director of SOS Racism Portugal)


Production BoCA
Coproduction EGEAC Public Space
Support ACAPO, Lisbon City Hall, Lisbon Green House

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