This is the project that has brought together different personalities to think about the green spaces in the city of Lisbon in relation to literature. Now, in an online format, each guest shares a photo of themselves in a natural landscape, relating it to a book he has at home. In this way, a dialogue is created between the interior and the exterior, between the body (confined to housing and photography), nature and imagination. An informal chat via live Instagram, in which the online community is invited to participate.

Every Sunday until at least the 30th of June 2020. Every Monday we launch the week’s schedule on our website and social networks. Subscribe to our newsletter and our Youtube channel to receive news first hand.


3 MAY: SARA BARROS LEITÃO (actress and stage director), 4pm

Place of the chosen photo: “Portugal dos Pequeninos”, Coimbra Selected book: “New Portuguese Letters”, by Maria Teresa Horta, Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa (1974)|
Moderator: John Romão
Live Instagram @bocabienal

“The body in the public space. In 1997, or 96 or 98, my father pressed the button on the disposable camera that we had bought that morning, to record the family trip we made to Coimbra, “Portugal dos Pequeninos”. Like all photographs, there is a before and an after. There is the moment when we prepare (because this photograph was not unprepared), and the moment when we demobilized the pose. (Can we leave a transformed photograph?) In this particular photograph, I remember with special rigor the before and after, because the shooting also coincided with an inevitable change in me. Twenty years later, I understood better what had happened, during one of the readings I made of “Novas Cartas Portuguesas”. I cross one of the books of my life with an event as naive as it is remarkable in my struggle for the body of women in public space. Be it in the statuary of cities, in street names, in place of speech, discussion, decision or struggle. In the intimate that is also public. In the body as a political act. ”

Sara Barros Leitão

Sara Barros Leitão (1990) graduated in Interpretation at the Contemporary Contemporary Academy and started her degree in Classical Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. He works regularly in television, cinema and theater. Currently, she works as an actress, creator, director, assistant director and playwright. In the last year, the staging of the concerts Trilogia das Barcas (2018), by Gil Vicente, and Rei Lear (2019) by William Shakespeare, co-produced by CCB and Toy Ensemble; as well as the creations Theory of the Three Ages (2018), co-produced by Teatro Experimental do Porto and Teatro Municipal do Porto, from the study of the TEP archive, and Todos Os Dias Me Sujo De Coisas Eternas (2019), from a research work on Porto’s toponymy, presented in the project Cultura em Expansão. Feminist, activist for all inequalities or injustices, incoherent and trying to be better, revolutionary enough, artist difficult to domesticate. He uses the stage space, the paper and the pen as if it were a box of matches and a can of gasoline, or a megaphone to tell the story of the forgotten.

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