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“duploc barulin”. Try saying it out loud. This is the title of Tânia Carvalho’s new incursion for the creation of a concert. It’s just like that in lowercase letters, creating a percussive onomato- poeic sound in its oral pronunciation and stirring the enigma of its significance, coherent with the way it belongs in art – be it dance, drawing or song – and characterizing its creator. A title that serves as a door that opens to the imagination Tânia formulates in each of her creations, be it in the body of the dancer, in the musical notes of a piano, in the drawings her hand traces on paper, be it in song. From Tânia Carvalho we know of a body of work that is of overflowing imagination over the expressive possibilities of body in dance, be it from her own body or in collaboration with other dancers.

Tânia decided to learn to play Erhu, the Chinese string instrument, and wouldn’t do it for anything but. “I wanted to learn how you should really learn it, the Chinese way, so I could use it in a ‘normal’ manner and so I could explore further sounds on the instruments, things you shouldn’t do”, she says. “I really want to fuse the three sounds, piano, voice and erhu.” After presenting in 2017 a drawing exhibit in BoCA, “Toledo”, we now know another of her artistic expressions, Tânia in concert. This is where she can explore the creative possibilities of the instrument, in a concert where for the first she will also be composing with another performer, André Santos, who joins her in piano. The lyrics are either the artist’s very own or texts from Fernando Pessoa.


Piano, Ecoerhu and Voice Tânia Carvalho
Piano André Santos
Musical composition Tânia Carvalho
Lyrics Tânia Carvalho, Fernando Pessoa
Technical direction, light design, light and sound operation Anatol Waschke
Production Tânia Carvalho
Executive production João Guimarães
Artistic residencies BoCA / Estúdios Victor Cordón, Musibéria, O Espaço do TempoParceria, BoCA
Thanks to Pro.Dança

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