The space unfolds itself in a lair of silver glamour, a shack from the urban soot where art flourishes savage and untamed, outcast and redeeming, for the act arousing the creating epic, the fanfare of the object. An object that evokes other objects, books, films, photographies, songs, dances, discs, like a spectre summons other lives and other stories, shrouding and terrifying the present with petals stripped from the past and whose echoes make themselves known as sickly apparitions. But in the projection and exhibition of this object the author finds the ephemeral fieriness of divine glory, and it is in its magnificence, for the brief instance where the spark lives, that the altar is set with pomp and circumstance due to such a noble occasion.

Concept and performance Adolfo Luxúria Canibal
Production BoCA
Supports Casa dos Crivos, Braga City Hall



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