A conference by Joacine Katar Moreira / INMUNE

Is colonialism over? is the machismo over? is racism over? is capitalism over? is the violence over? is poverty over? is the slaughter over? is the injustice over? is feminism over? is the future over? is the policy over? is the woman over? is life over? is it over? – Aaaaaah !!! In this conversation, we intend to decolonize the contemporary narratives and remove the black subject from the situation of total discomfort originated by his historical subordination, proposing, in the first place, a reflection on art and visuality, forcing assistance to reinvent new ways of looking at blackness. ; and the decolonization of language through listening to the black woman’s body, since her voice has not been audible.

INMUNE – Instituto da Mulher Negra em Portugal
An intersectional and anti-racist feminist entity, made up of women, of private law, non-profit, solidary, non-political, but not apolitical, which combats the silencing of black, African and Afro-descendant women in history and in the present time, and promotes the empowerment, social and political participation of women, equal rights, parity and social justice, promoting through its activities and reflections, an environment conducive to the affirmation and valorization of black and African heritage and culture in Portugal.

Photography: Luís F. Simões
Co-production: INMUNE, BoCA
Support: mala voadora



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