The war in Congo caused over 6 million deaths in the last 20 years. Its population is suffering, but the instigators remain un- punished. Many people see this conflict as one of the most crucial battles of economic distribution by globalization because the country has large deposits of natural-resources of high technology.

Milo Rau develops a theatre and cinema that are both scandalous, questioning reality from the reenactments of international convictions to the exploration of pedophilia (“Five Easy Pieces”) or the genocide in Rwanda (“Hate Radio”). In “Congo Tribunal” the artist gathers the victims, perpetrators, witnesses and analysts of this conflict for a previously unseen civil court in Eastern Congo. Milo Rau creates an unfiltered portrait of one of the largest and bloodiest economic wars in the history of mankind.


“One of the most ambitious political theatre pieces ever made” – THE GUARDIAN
“Where politics fails, only art can help” – DIE ZEIT
“The most incredible artistic project of our time” – RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE

Spoken languages:
English, French, German, Swahili, Lingala, etc.

Film with English subtitles

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