Imagine the National Coach Museum with two motorized horses, the coin-operated kiddie rides, static, with Jonas & Lander sitting on them. For something to finally happen the audience has to insert a coin In the slot of the horses. The code is known by all since childhood. In the meantime, the result originates different performative moments that can range from singing by dancing all alone or as a duo, a speech or dissertation accompanied by guitar or a group that bursts through the site dancing a slow as pairs. And all of this within the duration a coin can “buy”.

“Coin Operated” follows an invitation from BoCA to Jonas & Lander to create a piece for a museum where dialog with the audience is direct and depends on itself. Jonas & Lander design a new relationship with the spectator where it starts having an ac- tive role in the consequence of the artistic action, making way for diverse and surprising scenes in every presentation, or in this case in the duration of every coin inserted in the horse rides.

The songs, speeches, dissertations, historical curiosities, every action and information in/of the performance translate the symbol of what’s visible: a man riding a horse and all of what that moment of taming involves and involved during the time of new civilizations’ forging. Every economic and power relationship, of territorial conquest, of slavery, of mounting from the most pow- erful social classes on the least powerful; all of these topics will be dissected in performative sequences. As long as there’s a coin.


Direction, choreography, performance Jonas Lopes and Lander Patrick
Administration and production Patrícia Soares
Production Sinistra Associação Cultural
Co-production BoCA
Artistic residency O Espaço do Tempo
Pictures Bruno Simão

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