BoCA at Centro de Artes de Águeda

BoCA is a biennial of contemporary arts that focuses on transdisciplinarity and develops a diverse cultural ecosystem based on synergies between cities, cultural spaces (museums, theaters, galleries, among others), artistic territories (performance, performing arts, visual arts and music) and among their respective audiences.

BoCA extends its programming and takes some of its commissions to Águeda, as a result of the 2019 edition. On the weekend of 12 and 13 September, it occupies several spaces at the Águeda Arts Center with 5 projects by Gonçalo M. Tavares & Os Espacialistas (performance), Tania Bruguera (installation), Jonas & Lander (performance), Mariana Tengner Barros (performance) and Horácio Frutuoso (installation). Entrance is free.

> Installation
Tania Bruguera
12 – 24 SEP
Foyer 1

> Performance
Os Animais e o Dinheiro 
Gonçalo M.Tavares & Os Espacialistas
12 SET, 9:30pm

> Performance
Mariana Tengner Barros
12 and 13 SET, 4:40pm and 5:30pm
Sala Estúdio

> Performance
Coin Operated
Jonas & Lander
12 and 13 SEP, 6pm

> Installation
Horácio Frutuoso
12 – 24 SEP
Foyer 0
Part of PLMJ Foundation Collection

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