We regret to inform you that the participation of Wolfgang Tillmans in the BoCA 2019 has been canceled.
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Wolfgang Tillmans is one of the most influential artists of our time. Worldly notable, he won a Turner prize in 2000, a magician of the image that captures the world and defies the eye of the spectator to create unexpected relations, covering a vast reality that goes from rave culture to pop rock music, from gender equal rights causes, sexual orientation, symbols of censoring, anti-war marches, the Black Lives Matter movement or the dispute of Brexit (of the same dispute he became a spokesperson with personal involvement).

In Tillmans’ universe there is music, dance, dilated pupils, liberated sex, political affirmation and also abstract images. In 2016 he had an exhibition in Serralves (“Wolfgang Tillmans: On the Verge of Visibility”) and in 2021 there will be a retrospect on his work in MoMA, New York. Before that, in this second edition of BoCA, he displays the most obscure side of his art: Tillmans also produces electronic music (with his debut album being a synth-pop release as a teenager, living in West Germany, and his second LP coming out in 2016). It’s this hidden profile of the artist that he shares with us in Portugal in a unique moment, starting the night with pre-recorded music as well as live, with CDJ’s and microphone.


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